A river with islands and places in the silence of wild nature


Meet the river full of life and history that divides and unites two countries at the same time: the Minho River. During this magnificent tour along the estuary you will be amazed by islands and stretches of sand where you can dip into the silence of wild nature. Get to know magical places covered in plentiful vegetation that provides natural habitat for birds such as an enormous capped heron or a colourful kingfisher. You can also watch semi-wild horses and otters that freely inhabit the riverbanks. It is also an opportunity to admire lovely fishing villages with their typical carochos (antique vessels for fishing lamprey, shad, sole and eel), moored to the piers.


The tours between Vila Nova de Cerveira, Caminha and Valença/Tui may last 1, 2 or 3 hours.


You may also rent a manned boat for either half or full day


(daily trips /morning and afternoon)

A very quiet and relaxing trip on an electro-solar, 100% ecological boat. Travel without the habitual noise and feel part of the wildlife. The trip is between Vila Nova de Cerveira and Lanhelas, with a visit to the green islands of Boega and Amores, the natural shelters of many birds including the grey heron, the black kite and the mallard. From the river, enjoy a unique view of the fishing villages of Gondarém and Lanhelas with their singular beauty and the typical “carochos” (ancient boats used for fishing) that are anchored there.


Duration: 50 minutes

Price from 4 APR to 31 DEC: €10 / person - (Adults / Children)


Price under request if under 4 people.


BOAT TOUR with skipper

If you wish for something special and refined, try out a late afternoon experience in company of family or friends. Have a glass of excellent Alvarinho wine, at a magnificent sunset, surrounded by unforgettable views in total harmony with nature, toasting to life. On offer is also a tasting session of regional produce (ham, sausages, cheese and Cerveira’s confectionary).

Duration: 2 hours



Up 1 to 12 people - 500€




A trip from Vila Nova de Cerveira to Tui. A relaxing trip up the Minho River with its fine natural landscape, where, after having glanced at the grand fortress of Valença and the historical metal bridge on the border, we stop to visit the monumental Tui Cathedral with its museum. Tuy used to be an important Episcopate capital of Galicia and Minho region. Although it started to be built in the 12th century, in the middle of the Romanesque period, the Cathedral was expanded in the 13th century, which explains the presence of Gothic elements, mainly in its main façade. This cathedral is not only monumental and of great architectonic importance, but it is also considered to be the first building in gothic style in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula.


Duration: 3 hours (stop 1 hour in Tui)


Up 1 to 12 people - €250



(with skipper)



1/2 DAY (4 HOURS)



Up 1 to 12 people - 300€


Route according to the estuary tides





Up 1 to 12 people - price under request


Route according to the estuary tides






A round trip from Vila Nova de Cerveira to the mouth of the Minho River. Going past the islands, the village of Seixas and the marsh of the Coura River we reach the mouth of the Minho River. Thanks to its herbaceous vegetation it provides the feeding ground and shelter to a great variety of water birds, such as diverse species of ducks and herons, which find here the food source or simply rest on their migratory journey. While in the mouth we can admire the magnificent views around with the Insua fort, a spectacular hill of Santa Tecla and the small town of Caminha.


Duration: 2 hours (non stops)


Up 1 to 12 people - €200

RNAAT Nº435/16