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THE MINHO RIVER GREENWAY THE 3RD BEST GREENWAY OF EUROPE European Greenway Award The Minho River Eco-trail is 36km long and it crosses the municipalities of Monção, Valença and Vila Nova de Cerveira. The section between Valença and Monção makes use of an old railway line in use until 1990. On the way one can witness numerous traces of the railway, such as old stations and train stops. The section between Vila Nova de Cerveira and Valença is set upon the paths that fishermen would use, now converted into this marvellous corridor to be enjoyed by those who follow it. The entire eco-trail is made of asphalt and it serves hikers and cyclists. It runs through a very safe and tranquil green area. Part of it is on the area listed as European site of interest for ecological/environmental preservation (Natura 2000 Network). Although on the whole the trail is quite plane, it does go slightly downward from Monção to Vila Nova de Cerveira, which is why we recommend to do it in this direction. 36km separate the two places, the distance which can be covered even by those with little cycling experience. If, however, you find it too long, you may choose a shorter, just 16 km long one between Valença and V.N. de Cerveira, especially if accompanied by children.

The duration depends on how fast you go. On average, it takes 4 hours if you set out in Monção and 2 if your journey begins in Valença. Also, if you prefer, you can set your own pace in order to get to know some of the main places, which are full of history and appreciate the extraordinary views on the way.

On the eco-trail you will find toilets, drinking water, places to rest and picnic zones. You can take your own food and drink, but there are also some restaurants on the way and nearby, where you can taste a delicious typical dish, served with excellent "vinho verde", the region’s "ex-libris".


V. N. Cerveira >>> Monção (transfer + child or adult bicycle rental)

From 1 JAN to 18 JUL - 25 €/person

From 19 JUL to 31 AUG - 30 €/person

From 1 SEP to 31 DEC - 25 €/person

Minimum of participants: 4 persons


Only transfer (client and their bicycle)

Price under request


V. N. Cerveira >>> Valença (transfer + child or adult bicycle rental)

From 1 JAN to 18 JUL - 20 €/person

From 19 JUL to 31 AUG - 25 €/person

From 1 SEP to 31 DEC - 20 €/person

Minimum of participants: 4 persons


Only transfer (client and their bicycle)

Price under request

Monção > V. N. de Cerveira Greenway                                                                       Valença > V. N. de Cerveira Greenway

Distance: 36 Km                                                                                                             Distance: 16 Km

Average gradien: 1 %                                                                                                     Average gradien: 1 %

Difficulty: medium                                                                                                           Difficulty: low

Our suggestions:

On the way between Monção and Valença you should visit the historical centre of Monção, climb the Medieval Tower of Lapela, take a dip or simply lie down and rest on the sandy beach of Foz do Manco.

On the way from Valença and Vila Nova de Cerveira why not visit Valença historical centre, take a dip on Lenta beach, visit the magnificent historical centre of Vila Nova de Cerveira and the Leisure Park of Castelinho. If feeling strong enough, you can continue in the direction of Caminha (3.5 km) until you reach Mota beach where you can stay to watch a magnificent sunset.


The restaurants along the trail:

O Cozinheiro Restaurant, in Verdoejo (400 m away from the greenway)

                   Specialty - Cod Fish and Sheep

Bom Jesus Restaurant, in the Fortress of Valença (400 m away from the greenway)

                   Specialty - Cod Fish and Octopus

Nossa Sra da Cabeça Restaurant, in Valença

                   Specialty - Cod Fish and Chicken Barbecue

Sabores d’Aldeia Restaurant, in Vila Meã (400 m away from the greenway)

                   Specialty - Cod Fish and Picanha (Filet Steak)

Lenta Bar, on Lenta beach, in Vila Nova de Cerveira

                   Specialty - Francesinha (Tipical Sandwich from Portugal) and Hot Dogs

Adega Real Restaurant, in the centre of Vila Nova de Cerveira (300 m away from the greenway)

                   Specialty - Cod Fish and Sheep

Castelinho snack bar, in Castelinho Park, in Vila Nova de Cerveira

                   Specialty - Sandwichs and Hamburguers


Other activities:

There are some other activities at your disposal, namely kayaking, paddle or boat trips in the Castelinho Park in V.N. de Cerveira.


Rental bike prices (without transferes)


Trikes                           - 2h - 20 €

Trikes                           - 4h - 30 €

Trikes                           - 8h - 50 €



Trike HP Velotechnik Gekko FX 20’

Signalling flag

24-Speed (Dual Drive);

Disk Brake.


Tandem - 1 h - 10 €

Tandem - 2 h - 20 €

Tandem - 4 h - 28 €

Tandem - 8 h - 44 €



Sintra Orbit



V brake



City bike/Mountain bike - 2 h - 10 €

City bike/Mountain bike - 4 h - 14 €

City bike/Mountain bike - 8 h - 22 €

Baby seat (up to 22Kg)   - 2 h - 4 €

Baby seat (up to 22Kg)   - 4 h - 6 €

Baby seat (up to 22Kg)   - 8 h - 8 €



Kleider RT4 Shimano Nexus bicycle


Front suspension

Seat suspension





Air pump



1_Be of legal age or accompanied by an adult in charge;

2_To rent equipment one must show an identification document;;

3_One may be asked to leave such identification document during the rental period;

4_Depending on the value of the equipment in question, a deposit may be requested (from 20€ to 100€) to be returned at the end;

5_In case of malfunctioning caused by the mishandling of the equipment by the client, the amount of deposit to be returned, or not, will be calculated accordingly;

6_The client is fully responsible for the use of the rental vehicle;

7_If the initial rental time is exceeded, the following tariff will apply;

8_Wearing a helmet is obligatory and we cannot be hold responsible if the client was not wearing one when an accident happened.

RNAAT Nº435/16